Ready Player One, Ernest Cline | Spoiler Free Book Review

The book cover.

Wade’s hideout.

This was not what I had expected. I had in mind this maze runner young adult type book but what I actually found was surprising.

In an awesome way!

The stacks.

This is a book that revolves entirely around a virtual reality game, the Oasis. It’s set in the year 2044, when reality is an ugly place. Poverty and polution took over the world and people prefer to live inside the Oasis than look outside to their real lives.

Throughout the book we follow Wade, a teenager that only feels happy in the virtual world where he spends his life learning about the likes of the Oasis creator, James Halliday.

Halliday left a bunch of puzzles inside the Oasis after his death that are based on his obsession with pop culture of past decades, especially the 80’s and anyone who can solve them will control his fortune.

Now, every person in the world is trying to solve the game but no one is able to do it for years, until Wade does it as Parzival, his character in the Oasis.

The rest of the book is a mix of wade’s real and virtual life, a ton of details mostly about 80’s pop culture and Parzival relationship with the other competitors.

The coin.

It took me some days to get used to the stressful pacing of this book but it turned out that that stress changed into a good kind of anticipation and crazy curiosity about every single aspect of the story!

I’m not even a geek about games. Hell, I only like to watch people play them but that didn’t matter. Every detail about past games was interesting and kept me focused in the story.

The character development was also done in a satisfying way and every single character felt similar from what I’ve seen in other books but also special and different.

Reading this was an amazing experience that I would be happy to repeat in the future. Everything fit perfectly and I was even more excited when I discovered that there’s going to be a movie about it in 2018.

So exciting! *crossing fingers*


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