Current Faves: Tv Shows

I like to watch tv shows. They are fun and when they’re good I can get completely obsessed. I have three titles to show you that I’m loving or loved and that I recommend so much.

The Handmaid’s Tale


This show is set in a dystopian near-future where most people are infertile and the few women who are able to reproduce were taken away from their families against they own will and are used as mere objects to reproduce for other, more “worthy” couples. They are called The Handmaid’s. The society is infested and controlled by religion, people live in fear and are watched every second.

There’s so much I want to say about this series and the episodes released so far I’ll probably write a blog post about it! It talks about sexism, homophobia, hatred, brainwashing, rape, unhappy marriages and so much more.

If I could choose only one show to recommend for you it would be this 100%. It’s my favorite at the moment and every episode leaves thrilled and devastated at the same time.

Watch it.

It’s good for opening eyes.


Riverdale is that typical teenage show similar to Scream or even Scream Queens that follows the lives of a few teenagers who are trying to combine school with solving a murder.

A lot of it doesn’t make sense but I admit I had a good time watching it and it’s just one of those light shows with lots of romance, drama and predictable moments.

Thirteen Reasons Why

I would be admired if you hadn’t heard of TRW before because this show became famous so quickly! Omg! I read the book a year or so before the tv series came out and I have to admit that the tv show is so much better! It’s also quite different but anyway.

This is about a teenage girl who commited suicide and left 13 tapes for the 13 people that made her do it. It’s depressing, real and I was actually surprised that when we see Hannah kill herself the footage was pretty gory.

But in the end I thought it was an amazing first season and I’m very curious to know what they will do in the next one!

That was it for this post guys, thank you for reading and see you very soon with another one!


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