Current Faves: Tv Shows

I like to watch tv shows. They are fun and when they're good I can get completely obsessed. I have three titles to show you that I'm loving or loved and that I recommend so much. The Handmaid's Tale   This show is set in a┬ádystopian near-future where most people are infertile and the few … Continue reading Current Faves: Tv Shows


April Books & May To Be Read

April was an awful reading month. I DNF'ed three books which is a bit crazy and every single book I read did't affect me in a good way. Ugh. I read 4 books 982 pages Average rating: 2.25 Average page per day: 32 Female writers: 3 Male writers: 1 1 horror books; 2 contemporary books; … Continue reading April Books & May To Be Read