Where I’ve been…

The thing is: I am a perfectionist. Meaning that I get disappointed and loose my motivation when I’m not satisfied with my blog posts or my videos and I take some time to gather my toughts and start working again, hopefully in a way where I feel satisfied with my work.

Now, I’m writing to you with a spark of motivation to tell you all kinds of things that I’ve been doing in the past two weeks when not writing or filming.

I read very little and it didn’t help that I’m currently reading a huge 600+ page book and a non-fiction one. I’m very slow at reading both so I just feel like I’m not making any progress. Which sucks and definitely affected my mainly booktube channel.

Fortunately I studied a lot this month and I am so proud of myself for finishing studying everything two months before my exams. (Of course I’ll continue revising, dah.) It feels so awesome to be productive!

And finally I felt the need to get out of the house so much more which led me to a ridiculous amount of money spent on coffee shops and coca cola. I feel so addicted to that drink lately!

I visited another city and fell in love with it, I walked a lot, laugued a lot, drank so many caramel macchiatos and also saw a lot of drama in my group of friends which gave the finale of the month a slightly sad mood.

But overall it was a good month and I’ll hopefully be more active here on the next one!


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