weekend tbr

Hey! It’s been a while but today I felt my productivity rise and here I am to write again.

Since this friday is a holiday in my country and that means an extra-long weekend, I decided to try and do another weekend tbr.

I never posted the results of my last one but lets just say that they were not good.

But yeah, fresh start and all that stuff:

I’m currently reading three books, two in physical format and one in audio. The one I’m most certain I can finish this weekend it’s Corruption by Jessica Shirvington (click for a goodreads synopsis). It’s a young adult dystopian book set in a futuristic world where every person has to use an M-band which is basically a bracelet that manages your entire life. This is actually the second book in the series and I gave the first one a solid 4 stars. I’m enjoying this a lot after three consecutive awful books and it feels like a fresh, action-packed and simple sci-fi book just like the first one in the series.

Next, I just started The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson which is the second book in the Mistborn series. If you follow me on goodreads you probably know that the first book is my favorite book of 2017 until now and it was a fantastic, completely unexpected 5 star rating! This is an epic fantasy series with a beautiful and simple writing and amazing characters. Since it’s huge I won’t finish it this weekend but I definitely plan on making a lot of progress!

The last book is Legend by Marie Lu, a young adult fantasy romance that I started listening to last night and I was pleasantly surprised by the narrators and the story. I always find it hard to find an audiobook that completely catches my attention without making me drift away with distraction but Legend was interesting enough to keep me quiet listening for half an hour without getting bored or falling asleep.

That was it for this weekend tbr, if you want to know my progress in the next three days just follow or add me on goodreads and instagram where I post a lot on my history.

See you very soon with another post and bybye!


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