Weekend Tbr #1

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It’s time for my first weekend tbr, I’m probably not going to write one of these every single week because I don’t always have time to read on a weekend.

Sorry, I have other stuff to do.

But this friday I’m feeling positive and I have two books that I plan on reading in the next two days.



The book I’m currently reading is The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon (click for a goodreads synopsis), It’s a young adult futuristic dystopian book about Paige, a girl that can enter people’s minds and sense spirits.

I’m currently on page 80 and I just started to get into the story. I was very confused in the first fifty pages because I just felt that the writer kind of throws all this strange names and weird world stuff at you without an explanation and I had to read some sentences again and again to understand. Still, I think now everything is taking a good turn that I definitely didn’t expect. The only con is the fact that I think the letter size is too small in my edition of the book which makes me feel that I’m reading at the speed of a snail.

But yeah, that’s something I want to finish this weekend. I hope it’s good.

Next I plan on at least starting another book.

The Dinner by Herman Koch. This is a mystery book that catched my attention when I was looking for another book to buy and I found this one that had an extremely catching synopsis. It’s about an event where two couples meet for dinner to discuss their teenage sons that have committed a horrifying crime. They both remain unidentified, except by their parents. That is so interesting and I love books or movies that are just about a single day or event. I don’t know if this is the case but I really hope so.

Those are the two books that I plan on reading this weekend, they are both books that I’m really excited for and I hope they live up to my expectations.

To end this post, tell me below if you like me doing these Weekend tbr things, I know I do. They organize my thoughts and really make me excited and motivated to have a productive weekend.

I guess that was it, see you very soon with another post and bybye!


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