Nomu’s Weekly Favorites #3


You may have noticed that I haven’t done one of these posts in over two weeks; that is because I realized that not every week is great and sometimes I just don’t have many favorite weekly things to talk about. So, you can expect me to continue this series but not every single week. Probably.

Okay guys, this week I have a decent list of faves to show you that are completely random. I don’t have a favorite movie of the week and I’m still looking for a good show to watch because I’ve finished everything I was watching and I think I’m getting a bit mad for lack of a good entertaining show. So…you can leave recommendations in the comments if you wish and thank you so much in advance.

Back to the subject:


1 – The Ikea Billy Shelves. If you’re into the book community and watch booktube videos, you probably know that the most common shelves are the billy shelves from Ikea. This is actually one of my favorites of this week because I bought my third one! I was lacking space for books because I went a bit crazy after Christmas and ordered “maybe” too many. So now I have another shelf that wasn’t pricey and it looks minimalistic and I’m much more happy. Cool.


2 – I bought some beautiful books! I went to a used bookstore where is so confusing to actually find books because there’s thousands and it’s all a bit mixed. That resulted in me staying there being a creep for almost an hour. But, it was worth it! I found a beautiful edition of The adventures of sherlock holmes by Conan Doyle and a even more beautiful edition of Journey to the Center of the Earth by Julio Verne. They are both in portuguese, don’t even look used and the latest has wonderful illustrations. I also found a battered box set of Great Expectations and A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens written in english that I absolutely love even if it smells a bit funny.


3- My new year Tracker System. I love planning and I adore organization, so I wanted to start a new year in the best way. I’m really enjoying my new tracker system that I have for various things: Health, lifestyle, sleep, mood, food, reading, social media, my pets and exercise. The photo above actually shows my mood tracker that as you can see has been a bit negative in some parts but I think coloring every day the square that shows how I felt is really helping me realize what I can do to make myself feel better. I recommend this system to everyone, it’s so awesome and it actually keeps me motivated most of the time.


4 – I go to the gym now! Yes, I know… so “new year” cliche but I’m actually loving it. It has lot’s of group activities, a pool and you can stay there from 7 A.M to 10 P.M which is really cool. The only down-grade is that I have to take two buses when I can’t get a car ride. Still, I guess I can get some reading done while on the bus, so now I don’t have an excuse for not reading. YES!


5- Audiobooks! I admit, I only read one audiobook in my life. Well, I finished another one yesterday, but anyway. The cool thing about this is that now while I’m on the gym doing stuff where I can’t really hold a book, I can easily listen to an audiobook and actually multi-task. I love being productive and utilize my time the best as I can and audiobooks have been incredibly useful.


6- And last: My favorite youtubers of this week and they are actually three! First I’ve been loving to watch Hannah Witton (click to go to her channel) talking about feminism, sex, menstruation and all these feminine taboos, so I definitely recommend her channel for people that have a hard time talking about these subjects (men or women) or that just want to learn more. Check her “Hormone Diaries” series. So informative!


Doddleoddle  is a cute youtuber that has a soft, relaxing voice and does all kinds of videos: from honest talks to song covers or even her original music. She looks like a very nice person and I don’t know, I’ve just been loving her channel recently.


Lucy Moon posts about a lot of different subjects, just as the youtubers above and I mostly like her “Chatty get ready with me videos” where she talks about all kinds of interesting things.

Not more favorites from this point on so I guess It’s time to say goodbye guys. I hope you have enjoyed this list and leave a like or comment what were your favorite things this week. See you soon and as always, stay curious.

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