The 54 books I read in 2016 + How I did it

I can’t believe that number. 

I’m so proud of myself for being able to read 54 books while dealing with school, anxiety and just…life. Books are a big part of my life, they let me transport myself to a million different worlds, and make me so happy.

But let’s stop fangirling and actually focus on the topic here. First of all I made a “super cool” video where I show you all the books I read in 2016, a small synopsis and the rating I gave each of them. If you’re interested and you can get 8 minutes of your life to watch my video that would be awesome!

Watch it here:

And now, listen carefully to my wise advice. In 2016 I was able to read 50+ books not because I didn’t do anything else but read, but because of some small ways of thinking that made a huge difference in my reading life.

  1. I made reading a priority. I think people often forget to actually have fun. For me reading is relaxing so I decided to make that a priority. That balanced the stress I often got from school with the fun and calm I got from books. 2+2=happy me.
  2. I have a reading goal. Goodreads has a reading challenge every year and my goal for this year is to read 60 books. The fact that besides deciding that I wanted to read more books, I actually know the amount I want to read, which makes everything more specific. I also plan how many books I want to read each month/week and try to do better the month/week after.
  3. Have fun. I try not to stress myself if I’m not reading the number of books I want because the last thing I need is a reading slump and making reading a chore often creates that.

Prioritize + Reading goals + Have fun = A good pile of books at the end of the year

Anyway guys, follow my advice and nothing can go wrong, but please don’t quote me on that. See you soon and as always, stay curious.






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