December Releases | Books & Movies 🎥

Every month, hopefully at the beginning of it I’ll post a list of the most exciting releases for me. At the moment, I’ll be talking about books and movies but I can, in the future, add something else. Also, I’m late with this post this month, if you haven’t notice already.



The twilight wife by A.J.Banner, this is a psychological suspense book that questions just how much we can trust the people around us. Kyra Winthrop who is a marine biologist had a diving accident that left her with memory loss and she can only remember a bit of her previous life. But then, she begins to have visions/memories with a rocky marriage and weird relationships with the island residents, that she believed were her friends. Basically this book will be a journey of her trying to discover her past and the real truth. I find the synopsis already so captivating, it already promises us that this book can be one where I’ll be always curious to know the truth and I just hope the writing style pleases me too. Expected publication: December 27th


ever-the-huntedEver the hunted by Erin Summerill is a fantasy book about Britta Flannery who is only 17 and spends her days in the woods with her dagger and bow, tracking criminals with her father. But then, her father is killed and she is left with no right to his lands or home and refuggees at the woods. She is then caught and offered a deal: her freedom for her father’s killer. The tough thing is that her father’s killer is none other than her best friend and childhood crush. This is the first fantasy book in a while that left me interested so I’m very excited to get into this story. Expected publication: December 27th


The marriage lie by Kimberly Bell is about Iris and will and their perfect life and perfect marriage. One day will leaves to a trip in orland and a plane that goes to seattle crashes killing everyone and Iris discovers that Will is one of the dead. She is sad and confused because her partner was suposed to go to orland. When she accepts that her husband is really gone she just wants to know why he lied to her. The rest of the book is basically iris discovering the shocking truth. I’m so excited for this, it’s just like The twilight wife, it leaves me so curious and ready to read it. I just love suspense books so much and I can’t get enough of them. Expected publication: December 27th

And now, the movies:


Passengers | On a journey through space two passengers wake up 80 years too early. Jim and aurora have trier lives ahead in a spaceship full of luxuries and they begin to fall for each other until they discover the ship is in danger and they are the only ones that can save 5000 people. Ok, chris pratt and jenifer lawrence in one movie, I think I’ll watch it. The concept is original, the trailer looks good, the actors are nice. Watch the trailer on youtube. In theaters December 22.


Pet | This man, Seth spends his days working on a animal shelter and one day he sees this waitress, Holly and becomes obsessed with her. He plans to kidnap her after her showing that she doesn’t really care about him. Later, she wakes up in a cage in the animal shelter. I’ve been craving a psychological horror movie for quite a while and the trailer of this looks pretty good. I’ll definitely watch it! Watch the trailer on youtube. In theaters December 2 (USA).

A very non related to this post update: For those of you who watch my videos on youtube, I’m sorry I have been absent for more than a week. I’ve been having some personal issues and my mood right now it’s not so good to film. On the other hand, I’ve been keeping this blog updated, so, until I feel good again you can follow my steps here.

And now, it’s time to say goodbye and as always, stay curious.



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