Nomu’s Weekly Favorites #1

I’ve been thinking of doing a favorites list for quite a while and since I’m always overwhelmed with things that I like I decided to do a weekly post that will be up on this blog every sunday.

I’ll be talking about all kinds of things that catched my eye varying from favorite youtubers to the best movie of the week or even beauty products!

So… let’s get started!


The Last of us 2 trailer!

This is probably the one thing that really made my week. The last of us was an intense game and I actually began thinking that a second one wasn’t going to happen but I was completely surprised when I found the awesome trailer that just chilled me to my bones with excitement. And guys, that song is awesome! Watch it on youtube.


Favorite tv show: Westworld

This week I watched the very last episode of one of my favorite series of this year. It’s sad that I’ll only get to see the characters again next year but the finale was so worth it! Everything in this show is so well thought and if you pay attention it can make you think really hard about some real life problems. The only complaint I have is that some episodes were a bit too slow for me but I still highly recommend it to everyone.


Favorite youtuber: Pewdiepie!

I just discovered that “The Walking Dead: New Frontier” which is the third season of Telltale’s “The Walking Dead” game will be released in december 20. I’m that kind of person that likes to watch youtubers play games instead of playing them myself and I’ve been a huge fan of this series since I first saw it, so I decided that it was time to rewatch season 1 and I chose to watch pewdiepie play it. I’m glad I did, this game is a rollercoster of emotions and we really get to know and love the characters, which makes it even harder when some of them die. Pewdiepie choices were very similar to what I would have done and I like the way that we get to see his emotions change whenever something happens to a character.


Favorite movie and book: Pride and Prejudice

I’m currently reading Pride and Prejudice but I couldn’t help myself to watch the movie and I must say that I wasn’t expecting it to be so good. Keira Knightley did a very good job as Elizabeth and Matthew Macfadyen was a good Mr. Darcy that I wasn’t very pleased with at first but really impressed me towards the end. Still, the characters were nothing like I had imagined and they lacked something in my opinion. For me, Mr. Darcy wouldn’t be so depressingly serious but more sassy serious and Elizabeth would probably be less jumpy and more passionate. But I still liked this version and the movie still left me very emotional in some parts. 


Favorite blogs: Marzia’s Life & Lily like 

I’ve been so inspired by Marzia in both her blog and videos. I love all the cute details that she puts in all her work and her originality.


Lily like is a different case. Although I do like most of her content and her aesthetic pleasing videos I don’t share very similarities with her it terms of taste. But still, I recommend her blog and youtube channel given the fact that she gives a lot of useful advice for studying while also, sharing her personal style and fashion tips.


Clothing store: FripAtitude

Last friday I went out to spend a great afternoon with two of my best friends and it was great: we had amazing conversations and one of them even showed me this store. It’s called Fripatitude and it sells used clothes from prices starting on 1€. I lost myself in there and found great items, including an original pair of converse for only 5€. You can check their facebook page here. And the owner is such a sweet lady!

It’s time to say goodbye guys, I hope you have enjoyed this list and leave a like or commend what were your favorite things this week. See you soon and as always, stay curious.


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