Christmas decoration 🎄 | Blogmas


I’m a bit late with this blogmas post but better late than never! Every year we try to make the christmas tree on the 1st of december because it’s a holiday in Portugal and it finally brings the full spirit of christmas to our house.

That was just what I spent my time doing this year. I won’t lie, I’m into a very minimalistic mood at the moment which just makes me want to buy a white christmas tree and some really simple decoration. But I truly believe in recycling and reusing and so I left the minimal decoration plans for my room and built our usual christmas tree.


We’ve had it for 16 years, that’s almost my age, and it still look pretty much new. As decorating it I found all these little cute felt ornaments made by my mother that just look lovely and give the tree a personal look.


I also built a center peace to which I managed to make as minimalistic as possible and it turned out well. It has a plate for chocolates and other christmas desserts, two candle holders and a vase with some branches painted in white that can also serve as a minimalistic christmas tree!

Looking at my living room I think it looks super cozy expecially with the fireplace on. I just hope that my two cats won’t start playing with the ornaments and destroying the tree but that’s probably too much to ask.

See you on the next post and as always, stay curious.



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