November Adventures 🎥✨



November is, for me, the month where christmas is not really here yet but we can already feel its spirit. All this feelings gave me inspiration to start vlogging my month and to be honest, leave the house more.


I found myself discovering the beauty of filming the simple things and while editing all of it together it made me feel happy that I had got my camera out and recorded all these memories around me. It’s hard to see the beauty all over you when your mind is closed and your thoughts are mostly negative. This little experience with my camera gave me the opening I needed to see the grace in the most uncomplicated of views.


With this little post, I leave you my latest video where you can experience all that I did in the month of November. I genuinely hope you enjoy it and feel the tranquility I felt while watching it.

With this I say goodbye and until next time, stay curious.



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