Nomu’s Weekly Favorites #2

Another week, another list of the favorite things that catched my eye in the past 7 days! For those who don't know I'm writing a weekly post that will be up on this blog every sunday where I’ll be talking about all kinds of things that catched my eye varying from favorite youtubers to the best movie … Continue reading Nomu’s Weekly Favorites #2


November books & December to be read

I usually do this as a video and post it on my channel but this month I decided to post my wrap up here because the month it's already half through. I read three books in November and I only have two books that I'm certain I want to read in december, although I hope … Continue reading November books & December to be read

December Releases | Books & Movies 🎥

Every month, hopefully at the beginning of it I'll post a list of the most exciting releases for me. At the moment, I'll be talking about books and movies but I can, in the future, add something else. Also, I'm late with this post this month, if you haven't notice already. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ The twilight wife … Continue reading December Releases | Books & Movies 🎥