Afternoon in the museum.

That old book smell.


Yesterday I decided, that I had to leave the house. Get some fresh air, visit new places and enjoy some time with good company. I called my boyfriend and the next day we were off, exploring the city.

We decided to visit the Palácio do Raio and the museum inside. Full with statues, relics from three centuries ago, paintings and more.

But what did attracted me instantly were the old medicine tools exposed. The mysterious, almost horror like look made me feel like I was inside some of Tim Burton’s first movies.

I must admit, I like museums but sometimes I can’t contain to be bored while viewing certain themes. That happened in this place. I did get bored. But I was constantly switching from an extremely boring painting to feeling like I was in a crazy XX century asylum. So cool!

And at the end of the exposition, my boyfriend took this cool photo of me.

P.S: I have no clue who are most of those people.



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